Emerging Digital Spaces in Contemporary Society: Properties of Technology

December 2010 / Published by Palgrave Macmillan

Abstract: Revealing, engaging and mapping the contours of emerging digital terrains from a variety of perspectives, this book uncovers the ways in which 'the digital' is encroaching, reformulating and recreating social spaces, even what it means to be social in an increasingly digitally-mediated age. In order to capture the complex dimensions of this digital shift included is a comprehensive range of disciplinary perspectives: politics, sociology, science, philosophy, informatics, public policy, communications and media studies. 

 While many of the authors propose real answers to digital dilemmas, no single map and no single agenda for action emerges from this book. Rather the aim is to explore the properties of digital technologies to discern a range of pathways into our digitally-mediated future. The book examines vexing dilemmas with a critical eye as well as prompting readers to think constructively and strategically about alternative pathways and transformative possibilities for our social futures.

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