Investigations at the intersection of immaterial property, technology and social justice.


I completed my BA (Honours) in Politics at Monash University and my MA (Honors) in International Relations at the Australian National University. My BA honors thesis considered theories of emancipation within globalizing contexts. My MA thesis, under the supervision of Chris Reus-Smit, looked at the globalization of intellectual property rights regimes as a way to understand the changing nature of economic, political and social power in international society.

Under the supervision of Nancy Fraser, I recently completed my PhD in the Department of Politics at The New School for Social Research. My PhD is titled ‘Whose Property? Intellectual Property and the Challenge of Political Community in a Post-Industrial Age’. As an extension of both my BA and MA theses, this project defines four pragmatic approaches to the theory and practice of the production and ownership of immaterial property. It uses these as sites to interpret emerging modes of political action, the nature of possible post-industrial constellations of political communities, and post-industrial theories of justice. 

In other research roles, in the Multicultural Affairs Unit of the Victorian Department of Justice; I was the primary researcher on a report aiming to address the need for cross-cultural training for Victorian Magistrates, and for the Koori Justice Unit I was the project coordinator developing a services guide for Indigenous inmates in the Victorian Prison System. At the Darebin City Council I served as a lead researcher and project coordinator for an inter-faith initiative, 'Guide to Faith Communities in Darebin'.

In 2010, with Karim Gherab-Martin, I edited the collection, 'Emerging Digital Spaces in Contemporary Society: Properties of Technology'. This book brings together a number of eminent scholars addressing the nature of digital life, including: Robin MansellSean CubittDavid HakkenJohn WillinskyTim LukeDavid Lyon and Jean-Claude Guédon.

Through the theoretical and institutional prisms of claims to the right to immaterial property I am currently researching: the political economies of 'big-data'; the nature of immaterial labor within digital networks; the materiality of new media as evidenced in an investigation of the practices of photography; and the conceptual boundaries of the 'material' and 'immaterial' in critical and social theory.

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