YET Magazine : 'On The Plane'

September 2014

Thanks to Elena Vaninetti, photo editor at YET Magazine, for featuring 'On The Plane'. 

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YET is a magazine about photography. Photography is the main subject and our aim is to feature several different styles of photography, without any restriction in genre, medium, or theme. All the photographers invited by the editorial team are free to develop a personal project and to tell their stories. YET aspires to explore the artist’s work in depth to discover what lies beneath, to find out what it is the photographers want to convey through their series and why.

“Photography is the result of combining several technical discoveries”. We believe that these processes should be shown because they are the result of the thought process which goes on behind the photographer’s work. Each photograph, regardless of what medium it has been captured with, represents something very meaningful, buried deep in whoever took it. 

YET magazine was created to give a visual voice to these stories, in order to share them with an audience. We will showcase both emerging and established photographers. To us, a photographer is someone who can control time and space, who has a vision and is able to express it in the form of an image. What we desire is to tell something about the person behind these creations, starting from the story they tell through their photographs.

The photography in YET magazine, by editorial choice, is published free from any graphic or text insertions, without being cropped or cut, and free from any form of further editing. Each series is exhibited exactly how the photographer created it. We base our work on ethical rules which emerge from the firm belief that a photographer’s work must be shown as it is.